Nature dosage for the soul…there’s a name for it!

I recently learned there’s a term for something I always live by….it’s called: Forest Bathing! Google it!

I love nature. I love the Sun. I was born and raised among pine trees and if I ever move, I will definitely miss them the most.   When I started college, I found my niche for stress relief among nature…walks, jogs, bicycle-riding, dancing, skipping, you name it. I found it stress-relieving because I took time in my walks or runs to cool down and simply observe at the magnificent height of the trees and/or contemplate about life and future goals.

I have always called it my daily or weekly nature dosage for the soul.  What I did not know was that the Japenese had a term for it: Forest Bathing.  And apparently, it’s healing! Research has shown that people who practice Forest Bathing show a decrease in symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, those who engage in Forest Bathing even without the symptoms have better physical and mental health overall.

Forest Bathing involves a purposeful intent of “taking in” nature and the importance of this technique draws from mindfulness practices, which is becoming increasingly popular. In this form, you’re supposed to walk among nature and using your senses (e.g., sight olfactory), you observe the majestic surroundings. This not only helps us tune in to our being in the moment, but it also allows our mind to take a break from pesky thoughts that have nothing to do with the present view, hence reducing our stress.   So next time you walk or run through nature, take time to use your senses to observe nature..look at the color of the flowers, look at the details of the leafs, smell the fresh air, or feel the rocks underneath your feet.

Who would have thunk that nature is so so powerful? Our world, Mother Nature, is a beautiful place, and I thank God for it every day.  Speaking of God, when you engage in practices such as taking a minute of your day to pause and see what is around you (particularly nature), you start realizing how wonderfully perfect our world was created. It has the potential to allow you to feel safe in the moment and not worry about the past or the future. Not only is nature healing for your mental and physical health, it also reaches the soul (research by me). So whatever you do, do nature.  Meanwhile, enjoys pics by me:

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