lovely love

I've recently had a breakthrough it, "almost hitting that 3rd floor midlife introspection." As I enter this last year of my 20's, I reflect on the purpose of my life.  I'm sure one can summarize my life and say that I've taken the non-traditional route in life or so.... Yet, It's not simply about conforming… Continue reading lovely love

Nature dosage for the soul…there’s a name for it!

I recently learned there's a term for something I always live's called: Forest Bathing! Google it! I love nature. I love the Sun. I was born and raised among pine trees and if I ever move, I will definitely miss them the most.   When I started college, I found my niche for stress… Continue reading Nature dosage for the soul…there’s a name for it!

5 bilingual problems of a Tex-Mex

You might be bilingual if the following also relate to you.  Of course, these are based on my personal experiences, so, therefore, they just might be 5 Roselia bilingual probs. You don't notice when someone switches languages in the middle of conversations.  This happens to me aaalll the time, and I feel that I only… Continue reading 5 bilingual problems of a Tex-Mex

I am from…a short poem

I AM from the land of tall Pine trees, where the stars at night are big and bright. I AM molded from two different cultures. I AM whose heart belongs to the land of stars and stripes, but also to the land where the eagle devoured the snake. I AM from my mother’s sacrifices and… Continue reading I am from…a short poem